John Doe, The Musical

Five personalities find themselves in a hospital waiting room. Each of them, a part of the fractured psyche of JOHN DOE, a mystery patient suffering from a traumatic brain injury that has fractured his mind and cut off his ability to communicate. As each fragment attempts to unravel their true identity, JOHN DOE's will to live is challenged as memories of his life and the mystery behind his near death are revealed. Only through their shared will, can JOHN DOE take back his identity, his life and bring his assailant to justice!

Book, Music & Lyrics of this World Premiere musical are by Robert Moutal, a 15-time Emmy Award-winning television producer. Directed by Michael Schwartz, Music Directed and Arranged by Andy Ingersoll and Choreographed by Courtney Corey.

November 7-25, 2012
The Lyceum Space